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Real Estate

For several years, Florida has been essentially the “foreclosure capital” of the U.S. Real estate attorney Jan Rubinstein, in addition to assisting with all other real estate issues, can help residential and commercial clients with foreclosure, loan modification, deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy and other remedies. Whether you have property in Michigan or Florida, or are a buyer or seller, real estate attorney Jan Rubinstein at the Rubinstein Law Firm, offers a free phone consultation.

Civil Litigation

Michigan Attorney Jan Jeffrey Rubinstein assists civil litigation clients in the metro Detroit area and throughout Michigan. Read More


Collecting on delinquent accounts can be a frustrating process. Read More

Criminal Law

Being charged with a criminal offense can be terrifying. Read More


When you are accused of driving under the influence, your liberty is on the line. OWI charges in Michigan carry stiff penalties, including the chance that you could lose your license and ability to drive. Jan Rubinstein of the Rubinstein Law Firm is ready to help you fight your charges and retain your rights.

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