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Attorney Jan Jeffrey Rubinstein has been working with real estate clients for since 2000. He is licensed to practice in Michigan and Florida and is knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate law in both states, as well as being a licensed Real Estate Broker in Michigan. Whether you are buying or selling residential or commercial property he can help make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Attorney Rubinstein will identify any potential snags so all problems can be solved and transactions can close on time.  Along with real estate transactions, these deals often include issues like evictions, redemption and/or abandonment, earnest money issues, quiet title actions and other disputes.  Without a qualified attorney, these issues can create huge financial stresses for all parties to the transactions.

A Michigan Real Estate Attorney to Assist with Residential and Commercial Transactions

You have found your dream home or condominium. You want to make an offer, but are concerned there may be some issues. Jay Rubinstein, a real estate attorney in Michigan, can investigate and determine that:

  • All property improvements were permitted and made to code. For example, a room addition may appear to be exactly how you would have done it, but if proper permits were not obtained, or it is not built to code, you may have to pay fines and find the added room does not meet your expectations.
  • For condominiums, you understand the benefits and obligations required of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) of the Homeowner’s Association (HOA).
  • You are aware of any easements. For example, a utility company that may have underground wires and an agreement that it can come onto your property at any time to work on them.
  • You are aware of the real property boundaries and that there are no fences, garages or other outbuildings are on your property.
  • The zoning is such that you can make any improvements that may be on your list.

For commercial property, it is important to check for zoning laws, land use regulations and requirements and any environmental laws. Attorney Rubinstein also  drafts and/or reviews all commercial and residential lease agreements to make sure the terms are acceptable. If necessary, he can negotiate more satisfactory terms whether he is working for the lessors or the lessees.

Florida Real Estate Lawyer

For several years, Florida has been essentially the “foreclosure capital” of the U.S. Real estate attorney Jan Rubinstein, in addition to assisting with all other real estate issues, can help residential and commercial clients with foreclosure, loan modification, deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy and other remedies.

Contact Real Estate Attorney Jan Rubinstein

Whether you have property in Michigan or Florida, or are a buyer or seller, real estate attorney Jan Rubinstein at the Rubinstein Law Firm, offers a free phone consultation. No matter which state you are calling from, you can reach him at (248) 220-1415.

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