Negligence Actions

Advocating For Compensation Following The Negligence Of Others

If you suffer an injury or financial loss as a result of the negligence of others, The Rubinstein Law Firm can help. From our Bingham Farms, Michigan, office, we assist clients across the region with their concerns, and provide the comprehensive litigation experience necessary to help resolve these matters.

An injury suffered due to the carelessness of another, or on their property can be devastating. But proving negligence is not easy. That’s where we step in, working to prove the property owner’s duty and negligence, and working to help you obtain the resolution you deserve.

These situations are incredibly disruptive. That’s why we make ourselves available to clients and their loved ones, emphasizing constant communication. We believe in providing you the information necessary to help you make the smart decisions.

The Strength Of Litigation

As a leading litigation firm in the metro Detroit area, our firm is ready to go to court if necessary to recover damages in your case. The litigation skill of The Rubinstein Law Firm can strengthen the position of your case to better seek a positive outcome. Too often, insurance companies and third parties are quick to settle, while paying out minimal compensation. We help our clients parse through the offers, and when necessary, we step into the courtroom and fight.

Coverage For Your Damages

You may be worried about the future after you’ve been affected by the negligent actions of another. You may be injured, and it may make extended recovery time and rehabilitation necessary. If you have a permanent disability, you may need lifelong care. Our lawyers understand this reality, and we advocate for damage compensation to cover your long-term needs.

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Due to Michigan law, there are only three years from your accident to initiate a personal injury claim. You deserve to get the help you need to move on with your life. Give The Rubinstein Law Firm a call today at 248-220-1415 to schedule an initial consultation or contact us online.

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