A Litigator For Every Situation

Since 2011, The Rubinstein Law Firm has advised clients throughout Michigan on complex legal issues.

A Litigator For Every Situation

Since 2000, The Rubinstein Law Firm has advised clients throughout Michigan on complex legal issues.

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How A Litigator Can Help You

Whether you expect to go to court or not, having a litigator who can assess your legal situation, provide comprehensive options and educate you on the process is invaluable. That’s what you’ll find when you work with The Rubinstein Law Firm.

Made up of attorney Jan Jeffrey Rubinstein – who is licensed to practice in Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania – and Michigan lawyer Ryan Richardville, our firm represents individuals and businesses on a wide variety of complex legal matters.
As experienced litigators, we know when to push and when to listen. Whether we’re helping you with anything from a contract dispute to a family law issue, we provide our clients with tenacious counsel, aimed at resolving the case effectively and efficiently.

Our reputation speaks for itself. From clients to fellow attorneys to prosecutors, we are recognized for our work — and for our clients’ successes.

A Part Of The Community, Representing The Community

As a lifelong Michigan resident, attorney Jan Jeffrey Rubinstein understands the importance of building and maintaining a community, particularly one as storied and distinct as ours.

That’s why we dedicate ourselves so tirelessly to our clients, no matter the legal issue. While our firm handles a large variety of state and federal court issues. Jan Jeffrey Rubinstein is licensed in three states and seven federal jurisdictions, including the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C., helping clients no matter the severity of their legal problems.

Our Approach

The Rubinstein Law Firm takes on a wide variety of cases, from those involving civil litigation to family law matters. Whatever issue we are helping with, our approach remains the same: educate our client, explore every possible legal avenue and remain steadfast in reaching our goals.

We don’t believe in shuffling cases in and out and simply seeking volume. We personally work with each client, and no case is more important than the next.

We Are Always Available – By Call, Text Or Email

Serving a vast Michigan area, The Rubinstein Law Firm represents a wide variety of clients and all receive the utmost respect, regardless of their circumstances.

The talented team at The Rubinstein Law Firm encourages you to call 248-220-1415, text Jan Rubinstein at 248-277-5111 or contact us online at your earliest convenience to learn more about our firm and to schedule a private consultation.

With us, you won’t have to wait. We answer immediately, and if we can’t, we return all calls within 24 hours — no matter what.

Our Reviews

Most Valuable Attorney

Attorney Jan Rubinstein was an invaluable resource when it came to protecting my rights in the courtroom. His attention to detail and knowledge of laws are unsurpassed. I would highly recommend him.

– Todd

Reliable, Trustworthy, Quality Attorney!

Jan Jeffrey Rubinstein has been most helpful! Jan is very accessible, diligent, and dependable when is comes to me and my company’s legal needs. I have used multiple attorneys in the past and this relationship has proven to exceed my expectations. Highly recommended!

 David Einhorn, a Real Estate client

An Excellent Attorney & Highly Recommended

I hired Jan to handle some personal business for me. He is very well organized, easy to talk to and an all around good guy.

– Mike R, a Lawsuits & Disputes client