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Collecting on delinquent accounts can be a frustrating process. Sometimes it is possible to negotiate an acceptable agreement with a delinquent customer. However, there are other times when collections require tenacity and a firm hand, efforts that can prove too time-consuming for most businesses.

Attorney Jan Jeffrey Rubinstein is certified in the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and handles collections from both the creditor and consumer standpoint. We’ll represent you beyond judgment–we’ll assist with garnishment, liens, executions and more. We handle post-judgment work to help, whether you’re seeking to collect or to resolve the matter without accruing significant debt. 

A Partner In Revenue Collection

You deserve to be paid for the work you do, and rightly so. The Rubinstein Law Firm understands the dynamics of collections, and we partner with businesses throughout Michigan to pursue debts to a satisfying conclusion.

Having practiced since 2000, Jan Jeffrey Rubinstein understands your situation. He understands that revenues are the lifeblood of a business, and customers who have failed to honor their end of an agreement must be held responsible. He also understands how to get you your money as efficiently as possible.

Armed With Legal Knowledge

The Rubinstein Law Firm is known for our litigation skills and an unfailing commitment to making our clients’ problems our own. We pursue the correct approach to each situation and, in turn, optimize our results. We can conduct both pre- and post-judgment collection proceedings. If it is necessary to litigate, know that our firm will apply our vast resources to the collection of your debt.

Consumer Debt Advocacy

We work hard to defend the consumer’s right to receive equitable transaction services with creditors. Whether your fully-paid-for property got repossessed or you have an unresolved dispute with a credit card company, we can advise you on the most effective way to pursue justice and put an advocacy plan into action.

Guidance For Creditor Decisions

Learning the best ways to extend credit to your customers in compliance with the law can provide leverage for business growth. Legal advice on the implications of debt and credit business practices can also be a valuable tool to establish regulation compliance and optimal business methods.

Here When You Need Us

The Rubinstein Law Firm not only offers legal consultation regarding credit matters, but also backs it up with the full services of a firm strong in business law and highly skilled in litigation. We can provide the legal assistance to seek your goals for resolution. Not every decision has to end up in court, though we are more than comfortable representing you before a trial. But we also know the value of negotiation and working with the opposing counsel. No matter the situation, we stress getting our clients the best possible outcomes. 

Trusted For Results

We will go through the discovery process, summary judgment, motions and trial with an unfailing focus on getting you what is yours. As a result, we frequently succeed in obtaining our clients’ installment payments which we process and enforce until the obligation is fulfilled.

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Find out how our firm can tailor a collections solution for your business. Give The Rubinstein Law Firm in Bingham Farms a call at 248-220-1415 to schedule a consultation or contact us online.

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