Aggressive OWI Advocacy In Metro Detroit

If you are accused of driving under the influence, your liberty is on the line. OWI charges in Michigan carry stiff penalties, including the chance that you could lose your license and ability to drive. Jan Jeffrey Rubinstein of The Rubinstein Law Firm is ready to help you fight your charges and retain your rights.

Steep Consequences, Even For First-Time Offenders

If you were operating a vehicle while intoxicated and get convicted, you would face some steep consequences. You will have to:

  • Pay high fines and possibly spend time in jail
  • Possibly do community service
  • Have a conviction on your permanent record

For many first-time offenders, a first-time charge can cause significant financial hardship and even take a toll on employment. 

More importantly, an OWI can cause you to lose your license. At The Rubinstein Law Firm, we’ll help address license suspensions, revocations and restrictions. Such penalties can significantly hamper your personal and professional life.

Additional Penalties

Additional penalties of longer jail time apply when your conviction includes:

  • Multiple OWIs on your record
  • Being involved in an accident, which can get you additional felony charges
  • Being “super drunk” at the time of your arrest

Even after penalties get satisfied, you can have lasting consequences in the form of higher insurance premiums and difficulty gaining employment. Fortunately, there is an alternative to merely accepting your charges.

Essential Defense Strategy

Your OWI does not have to lead to life-altering consequences. You can aim for defense against your drunk driving charges with a skilled criminal law attorney. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you pursue lessened or dismissed charges.

Having the right attorney on your side is essential to building a strong defense for your OWI accusation. Attorney Jan Jeffery Rubinstein has worked as a defense attorney in metro Detroit for almost two decades, collaborating with clients to build strong defenses for their cases. Known as an aggressive litigator, attorney Rubinstein will dedicate time to ensure you understand the charges against you, then fight for your rights tenaciously.

What Sets Us Apart: A Scientific Approach And An Unrelentless Fight

We pride ourselves on going further than other attorneys. Frequently, OWIs are seen as lost-causes, where pleas are expected and encouraged. We don’t share that mindset. We work with scientists, professors, and experts to challenge every aspect of the investigation, from determining whether the breathalyzer was properly calibrated to challenging the booking process. We review every booking video and calibration log. We seek out administrative violations. We understand and challenge the science behind an OWI arrest, and we never, ever take the easy way out for our clients.

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