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Commonly asked questions about adult-use marijuana establishments

Legal marijuana is a fairly new sensation in Michigan, and there are many new laws and regulations to sort through for those who want to grow, sell or use their own marijuana. To help sort through some of those questions, the Cannabis Regulatory Agency provides answers to frequently asked questions about adult-use marijuana establishments.

Adult-use marijuana establishments are different than medical marijuana facilities and are used by patients and caregivers.

What is an adult use marijuana establishment?

Adult-use marijuana is different than medical marijuana in that it is considered recreational. These are businesses where adults can simply buy marijuana for enjoyment purposes rather than medical problems. While many states allow for medical marijuana, only a few allow for recreational marijuana usage.

What to know before applying

One thing that the state recommends before applying for an adult-use establishment license is to study and understand the Michigan Regulation and Taxation or Marihuana Act. This outlines all rules and licensing requirements needed for an application and will also specify who is ineligible to apply for a license.

Once the applicant has read through and understands the rules, applicants apply through the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. There are three fees associated with applying. These are the application fee, the initial licensure fees and the renewal fees. The state license type determines both the amount of the renewal fee and the initial licensure fee.

Because the recreational marijuana industry is new to Michigan, anyone who wants to start a business selling marijuana should be thorough and take the time to understand the laws and regulations before opening for business.