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Child support modification in Michigan

If you owe child support or receive payments, it is vital to have a clear understanding of how the modification of a support order works. In fact, the amount of child support you have to pay or receive could automatically change even if neither parent takes action.

In some instances, modifying a child support order becomes necessary due to major financial changes, from the loss of a non-custodial parent’s job to a major health crisis. Child support cases often have much at stake, not only in terms of finances but also with respect to emotions and potential penalties. Therefore, it is pivotal to handle these matters carefully.

Initiating a child support order review

According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the state reviews child support orders when one parent files a court motion or automatically if one of the parents receives public assistance. If you or your child’s other parent receive public assistance, the court will go over your child support order every 36 months. Moreover, you can ask for a review every 36 months even if neither party receives public assistance.

If you want to modify your child support order even though the state reviewed it within the last 36 months, you need to file a court motion.

Providing information during a child support order review

When the court reviews your child support order, you have to provide various types of information. For example, parents have to provide recent pay stubs, federal and state tax returns and other information as requested by the Friend of the Court. By successfully modifying your child support order, you could make payments more compatible with your finances and avoid falling behind or receive the amount you deserve.