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Do you have to wait six months for a concealed pistol permit?

Firearms continue to be popular with Americans. In fact, according to Gallup, 32% of Americans own one. If you would like to transport a loaded handgun in your vehicle in Michigan, though, you likely must first obtain a concealed pistol permit.

State law requires most applicants for concealed pistol permits to have lived in the Wolverine State for at least six months. To prove you are a resident, you typically can provide your driver’s license or identification card, voter registration or certain military documents. There are some exceptions to the residency requirement, however.

Emergency applications

If you file an emergency request for a concealed pistol permit, the county clerk may decide to waive the residency requirement in a couple of different situations. First, if you have petitioned for a personal protective order, you may not have to prove you have been a Michigan resident for the full six months.

Likewise, if the sheriff believes you or your close family members are in immediate danger, you may be able to obtain a concealed pistol permit without having lived in Michigan for six months. For this exemption to apply, though, there must be clear and convincing evidence of danger.

New residents

If you moved to Michigan less than six months ago, you still may qualify for a concealed pistol permit. To obtain one as a new resident, you must have a concealed carry permit from another state. Otherwise, you simply may have to wait until you have lived in Michigan for six months before applying.

Ultimately, if you are facing allegations of violating the state’s concealed pistol rules, it is probably wise to determine if you fall into one of the state’s exemptions.