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Do you need an inspection on an as-is property?

When buying any property, you should always get an inspection. Many people mistakenly believe that they do not need an inspection on a property sold as-is.

As-is means the seller will not make repairs to the property. However, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors explains you still need a home inspection to protect yourself.

Good reason

There is a very good reason why you need to get an inspection even if you know the seller will not make repairs. You want to know what you are getting. If you do not have an inspection, you could end up with a property that has major issues you cannot afford to fix. Going in completely blind is never a good idea, so even if the seller won’t fix things, you at least need to know the condition of things before you buy.


A home inspection can uncover issues that are critical. You may learn the foundation is bad, and fixing it is not an option. You do not want to buy that property. However, if you failed to get an inspection, you would never know until you had already made the purchase.

An inspection reveals things you would not otherwise know about. Properties have a lot of hidden issues that can cause you great headaches if you do not know about them. INspectors know how to uncover these things.

The bottom line is a home inspection protects you. It does not matter under what conditions you buy a home, you must get an inspection. You have to know the condition of the property so you can prepare to handle any serious issues as soon as possible.