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Getting help to overcome violent tendencies

Facing allegations of abuse can impact a batterer’s relationships, career and future. What others may not see are the challenges that perpetrators may face that influence their reaction.  

Despite the seriousness of domestic violence, perpetrators also deserve a chance to get help. With targeted and proactive intervention, people with violent tendencies may have a chance to relearn healthier ways of managing their emotions and interacting with the people around them.  

Relearning to respond

Many factors can contribute to violent tendencies. These may include exposure to violence at a young age, lower socioeconomic status, lack of support, mental illness and behavioral problems among other things. An intervention can help perpetrators analyze their feelings and their past to identify why they may have a tendency to respond violently to confrontation or stress.  

According to, interventions often aim to address response mechanisms. Some ideas that an intervention may teach include the following: 

  • How to share responsibilities 
  • How to provide support 
  • How to build and gain trust 
  • How to negotiate 
  • How to resolve conflicts 
  • How to build relationships grounded on respect 

Envisioning the future

Charges of domestic violence can impact a perpetrator’s life in more ways than one including restriction of civil liberties, loss of custody over dependents and loss of trust in both personal and professional relationships. According to the World Health Organization, domestic violence includes physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and verbal abuse among others.  

A perpetrator’s willingness to seek help can not only provide insight into more productive ways of handling emotions but can also facilitate permanent change. When people charged with violence can show evidence of their effort to change, they may have a winning chance at regaining the trust of others and rebuilding their future.