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How can gray divorce impact your life?

As you go through the divorce process and learn more about your wants and needs, you may come to realize that a large amount of advice is for younger couples.

Learning more about the benefits and challenges of gray divorce can help you as you proceed.


According to Psychology Today, the longer your marriage lasts, the more you and your spouse’s finances become tied together. This means that planning for retirement or deciding how much you both need to save for the future is a more pressing concern now than if you were both younger.

Clarifying your retirement plans, such as what area you plan to live in, as you get further along in the divorce process can help you feel secure.

Shared businesses or assets

Navigating divorce while owning a shared business or dealing with expensive heirlooms is often different than trying to divorce at a younger age. Clarifying who is in charge of the business as a divorced couple can help you both feel secure about your assets and savings.

Discussions with adult children

While younger couples often need to make a parenting plan for young children, gray divorce is a bit different. Finding a time to talk to your adult children and tell them the news is often a delicate situation.

Some may worry that new disagreements between you and your ex-spouse may involve them, which can put a strain on the family. Others may worry about your living conditions or wish to talk to one or both of you more often to support you. Learning about the unique aspects of gray divorce can help you make the best decisions possible.