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What is a certified small business?

When starting a small business, you should look for every avenue of assistance you can get. The failure level of new businesses is quite high, so getting a leg up is smart.

The Small Business Association of Michigan explains one option to help your business is to become a certified small business.


A certified small business is an option for recognition. It can help add a professional edge to your business. It also enables you to compete with larger businesses and franchises that already have name recognition.


To become certified, you must have a business that has 500 or fewer employees. Your business also needs revenue of under $25,000.


To apply for this certification, you must pay a $100 fee for processing and $229 if you are not a basic, premium or VIP member of the SBAM. You will need to complete an application and include documentation about your business and your business revenue. You also must include a statement signed by your accountant with a notarization showing your gross annual revenue for the last three years.

The SBAM will review your application, and if you met the requirements, it will award you the certified small business designation. You will receive the ability to use your certification in advertisements, your emails and signage at your business.

The certification is something consumers in Michigan recognize. It can help your small business better compete with larger companies and enable you to have an easier time making your business successful simply due to the recognition of your association with the SBAM.