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What may a class A microbusiness license in Michigan allow?

Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency passed rulings to attract diverse entrepreneurs to the cannabis industry. As reported by, the agency created the “class A microbusiness” license, which now allows marijuana microbusinesses to hold up to 300 plants.

The new class A microbusiness license permits you to increase your plant count to twice as much as what regulators allowed under the original rules. You may also buy mature marijuana plants from licensed growers or registered caregivers. In addition to the new 300-plant allowance, class A licenses also permit buying ready-to-sell vaping cartridges, edibles and concentrates from approved processors.

What may a class A microbusiness license not allow?

Applicants qualified for class A licenses may not have authorization to process plants. If you already established a marijuana business under the Wolverine State’s initial microbusiness rules, you may have invested in an on-site plant processing system. With class A licensing, however, you may need to apply for a separate license as a plant processor.

Current microbusiness regulations do not allow license stacking. For example, microbusiness owners may not apply for a growth license and another one to sell marijuana products. You may require legal help to obtain a second processing license after receiving a class A microbusiness license.

Why may an owner prefer a microbusiness model?

Green Entrepreneur reports that the marijuana microbusiness models allow for creativity in growing and processing plants. With smaller units, producers and sellers may offer customers better choices in product selections. Microbusiness models allow smaller businesses to enter the market with less capital.


Entrepreneurs interested in starting or growing a marijuana microbusiness face many legal requirements. By overcoming the hurdles, you may find a rewarding business in one of Michigan’s unique economies.