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Where can I use cannabis?

Once the excitement died down about the legalization of marijuana last December in Michigan, people had a lot of questions. With the legalization, there are rules and regulations that residents must follow. As with any new legislation, the initial rules may be vague and confusing at first. This does not mean that there are no crystal clear laws regulating marijuana. However, when it comes to where you can consume cannabis, you may come to find out that the rules are not cut and dry.

According to the Metro Times, consuming cannabis in a public space is illegal. They argue, however, that public space is not clear enough. Public view is not public space, but there is a substantial reason to believe that some may consider it as such. For instance, to consume marijuana in your front yard may result in an infraction.

What is clear is that you cannot use cannabis on public-owned property. For instance, you may not use it in a park, on school property or in a courthouse. It is very clear that you can consume it in your own home or in the home of another private resident. As of right now, there are no laws that permit private cannabis clubs or consumption lounges. If caught consuming cannabis in a public space, you will receive a civil infraction.

Likewise, you cannot operate a motor vehicle when under the influence. If you consume cannabis in your car, you will receive a civil infraction. However, if you drive while under the influence, then the cops may charge you with a DUI.

All of the information here is for your educational benefit and is not legal advice.