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An Expansion To Detroit

The Rubinstein Law Firm has a strong commitment to Michigan. Currently, we have our office in Bingham Farms, but we are looking into the possibility of adding a satellite office in The City of Detroit. This move would allow us to expand our services to that area and help more people. It would also allow us to ensure that this area has representation.

We are not the only ones moving to Detroit. Years ago, everyone seemed to be leaving the area. It is true that Detroit fell on hard times, but the city is reborn. Now, more businesses are moving into the city, and the trend is extending to individuals as well.

The Daily Herald explains it is like a rebirth for the city as people from some of the largest cities in the country are excited to call Detroit home. This means there has been an increase in home sales, and neighborhoods that were once deserted are seeing an influx of new people.

There are still some areas in the city that need work, but the higher end and business districts are coming alive. This can only mean more good things are on the horizon for this great city, and we want to be a part of it. We want to help reshape the landscape here and to encourage even more people to come to this area.

If more businesses and more people start to rebuild Detroit, it can finally leave its dark past in the dust. This will allow for a full rebirth and rejuvenation of the city, which will benefit everyone who lives here and does business here.