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Sharing custody after a toxic divorce

In today’s society, celebrities, the media and others herald the virtues of co-parenting. The problem is that not every divorce can support that type of parenting arrangement.

Some Michigan couples’ situations are so toxic that they need to find another way to parent that does not require them to be in constant communication or to share the same space with each other.

Parallel parenting can help accomplish that since it requires the parents to have as little in-person communication as possible. The parties choose a method of communication that is only used to share information about the children. Email is often a good choice since it allows each party to sit back and think about how to respond without emotions getting in the way.

A parallel parenting plan includes this information along with a detailed parenting time schedule, a way to resolve conflicts and more. Parents can tailor the plan to better fit their situation. They can even include some agreements regarding not interfering with each other’s parenting time, not speaking ill of each other in front of the children and even a basic household routine to provide the children with consistency.

The point is to make sure that the children see as little of the conflict between the parents as possible.

Another thing that parents need to remember is that they each have rights that deserve protecting. By working with a competent and compassionate family law attorney here in Michigan, this and the other aspects of the divorce may go more smoothly and each party could walk away feeling satisfied that he or she received a fair and equitable settlement.